DIY Brown Sugar Scrub with Vanilla

03 February 2015

You will need //
2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup of olive oil (some people use coconut oil, which I probably would have liked better but because I was impatient I just used what I had!)
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
Mason jar or some sort of sealing container

Here's how //
Measure in a large mixing bowl the 2 cups of brown sugar. Slowly, while mixing, pour in the olive oil. Use your hands to mash it all together. Once all the brown sugar has been mixed with the oil (you may need a little more oil but not too much), mix in the vanilla. Once it all seems saturated (not too goopy), spoon it into whatever container you're using. You may need to drain a little oil out over the sink or bathtub if it seems to "water-y".

Using it //
I've used my scrub in the shower multiple times now. Scrub the mixture on in the shower then wait about 5 minutes under hot water. Your hands may feel a bit oily at first, but if you allow time in the shower for the scrub to rinse off, it won't be an issue! Your skin will be super super smooth hours after your shower, and it's super easy to make with things you have just laying around your house.

Let me know if y'all try it out!