Knit for Kids

04 June 2015

Hello everybody! Happy almost Friday. A few months ago, I felt the need to just do something for the world. That sounds stupid, but, it's true! I thought about what I personally could do to help this world just a liiiiitttle bit, and I decided I was going to knit some baby things and donate them. I did some research, and I came across Knit for Kids. Knit for Kids is a Christian organization that receives your donated items and sends them to places all across the world, including the United States. I have a personal goal of sending in (hopefully) 100 little hats, with the help of my friends and family who knit around me as well. 

I'm sharing this because I want other people to feel inspired and maybe get involved. You can read more about the Knit for Kids story here. They are currently only accepting hats and basic sweaters. You can browse through the website (here) and see the rules/regulation and decide if it is something you are interested in. There are simple patterns available on the website as well!

If you want, I created a pattern that is fairly easy for a baby hat that you guys can use! It's the pattern I used for the hats in the photo above. It's super simple. 

Chunky yarn
10 1/2 needles (straight or circular)
Darning needle

Cast on 40 stitches
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
- continue rows 1 & 2 for about 5 inches ending with a row 2 row -

Row 1: K2 *k2tog rest of row* - 21 sts. 
Row 2: Purl whole row
Row 3: K1 *k2tog rest of row* - 11 sts.
Row 4: Purl whole row
Row 5: K1 *k2tog rest of row* - 6 sts.

Cut a long tail, attach darning needle, and weave tail through remaining stitches. Pull the needle out from the stitches and close the top of the hat. Work the seam of the hat using the mattress stitch. Weave ends in.

For a pdf printable version of this pattern, click here

There you go! If there is anything I can do to make the pattern simpler or if there is anything confusing about it, please let me know! It's super easy. Probably easier than it seems. Try it out & let me know :)

20 things I've learned by 20

01 June 2015

Hi! Tomorrow I turn 20. That seems so old to me. How am I already out of my teens??? Don't y'all remember being little kids and looking up at the "adults" who were really just teenagers but seemed like they could 25?? Anyways, I think over my 20 years I have learned a lot about life, so if you want a little insight from lil old me, here you go...

1. Birthdays are just regular days. I'm sure you all already know this, but once you reach like 18, it almost seems like birthdays just don't matter as much. 

2. The sky at night is the most amazing thing in the world. We don't appreciate the stars and the moon enough. Go outside at 11 o'clock at night and just look up. There's a pretty amazing world right in front of you!!!

3. Jesus will always have an answer. Even if it's not the one you want, He always has an answer. You would be surprised how good just praying makes you feel.

4. Your parents don't suck, they are actually pretty cool. Nothing beats staying at home with your family and playing board games all night, or is that just me?...........

5. Pizza is good at any time, any day!!!!!!!! Period.

6. Get you work done first. Do your school work or whatever it is done before you go out. That way you have nothing to worry about!!

7. Crying makes you feel better. I've learned that if you need to cry, just cry. It's cathartic. 

8. Everybody has something important to share. No matter who, every single person you meet has something you can learn from them. All you have to do is take the time to talk and listen to them!

9. Some people are just mean and there is nothing you can do about that. 

10. Getting angry at things you can't change is pointless. This is when the power of prayer is so important. You can't waste your life being angry about things and people that you can't change. All you can do is pray about it. You can help and pray and give advice, but being angry does absolutely nothing. 

11. Do the photobooth. If there's a photobooth, spend the five dollars for it. Nothing makes me happier than a photobooth!!!!

12. If you want to spend money on a nice trip or a nice pair of shoes, do it. Life really is way to short to care. Just do it.

13. Don't compare yourself to others. You can only compare yourself to who you are. Remember where you have came from and what you have accomplished. You are you and you will always be just you. There is no point in being unhappy about that. You are made perfectly and uniquely by God and that is something to be proud of.

14. Complaining is pointless. If you're complaining, you're doing something wrong. Either change your situation or deal with it.

15. Apologize first. Life is too short to wait for the other person to say they're sorry. Just do it first, and you'll be much happier.

16. Read books. There is nothing better than really getting lost in a good book. Don't spend all your time on the computer or watching TV. Enhance your mind and change your perspective some! Your brain matters....nourish it!!!

17. Stay humble. Don't look down on others... Be grateful for what you have instead of wasting your time being grateful that others don't have it. Focus on bettering yourself.

18. Relationships are hard. They're not always fun and they definitely are not always easy, but when you find that perfect way to be happy with someone, they really are worth it!! 

19. You can never confront somebody the right way. Sometimes, you just have to confront somebody. Don't waste your time trying to perfect what you are going to say. It'll never be easy. It'll never come out right. Just do it.

20. A relationship with Jesus takes just as much work as any other relationship. God is always there for you. He is willing to move you from point A to point B, but you have to be willing to move with him. You have to be willing to give up time in your day to spend time with Him. A relationship with Jesus is just as important as a relationship with your boyfriend. That is something very important to remember. 

Y'all have a good day!!!!