Life Lessons From Amy Poehler's "Yes Please"

28 January 2015

I finished my first book off of my 2015 reading list! A little late in the game, but whatevs. Amy Poehler's Yes Please consists of 327 glossy pages full of humor, dirty jokes, and just a liiiiiitttle bit of insight. Okay, I lied, a lot of insight. Here are 14 things I learned while reading Yes Please

1. Pick your currency. There are things inside of you that will get you far in life, you just have to decide what it is. "Decide what your currency is early. Let go of what you will never have. People who do this are happier and sexier." 

2. Always apologize. Don't not apologize because of your ego or because of shame or because you're embarrassed. "Shame makes people abandon their children and drink themselves to death. It also keeps us from true happiness. An apology is a glorious release."

3. Famous people knit too. Knitting is cool. Period.

4. The pudding isn't what is important. Amy talks about being nominated for awards. She discusses how you really think you don't want the pudding, then you get nominated and you begin to want it, then you don't win it, and you're upset over something you didn't even want in the first place. She talks about all the fun stuff she's done at award shows. I don't know, I guess you would have to read the chapter to understand this part. (READ IT!) "The lessons? Women are mighty. George Clooney loves bits. Doing something together is often more fun than doing it alone. And you don't always have to win to get the pudding." 

5. One night of good sleep can change your life. "Sleep can completely change your entire outlook on life. One good night's sleep can help you realize that you shouldn't break up with someone, or you are being too hard on your friend, or you actually will win the race or the game or get the job. Sleep helps you win at life." 

6. You have to work for what you want. "The reality is, most people become 'famous' or get great jobs' after a very, very long tenure shoveling shit and not because they handed their script to someone on the street...People don't want to hear about the fifteen years of waiting tables and doing small shows with your friends until one of them gets a little famous and they convince people to hire you."

7. Creativity is your life line. "Creativity is the stuff that lubricates our lives and helps us feel less alone in the world. It is a really warm Hispanic lady who has a beautiful laugh and loves to hug. If you are even a little bit nice to her she will make you feel great and maybe cook you delicious food." 

8. Time travel exists. People, places, and things can take you back to a time that you thought you could never go back to. "Time moves too slow or too fast. But I know a secret. You can control time. You can stop it or stretch it or loop it around. You can travel back and forth by living in the moment and paying attention. Time can be a bitch if you just let go of the 'next' and the 'before.'" 

9. Death sucks. Death teaches us a lot of things. "I realized that life is not fair or safe or even ours to own."

10. Take time to look at the moon. Isn't there something special knowing that somebody a million miles away is looking at the same moon that you are? "Every time I look at the moon, I feel less alone and less afraid. I tell my boys that moonlight is a magic blanket and the stars above us are campfires set by friendly aliens." 

11. Parties with famous people aren't that great. The end.

12. Helping out is helping out, it doesn't matter why. "I wondered if I was doing this for some kind of ego trip. Then I decided I didn't care. Not enough is made of the fact that being of service makes you feel good. I think nonprofits should guarantee that giving your time and money makes your skin better and your ass smaller. Why not? There are so many people in the world with so little. Who cares why you decide to help?"

13. People are very bad and very good. A little love goes a long way.

14. Our phones and the internet are trying to kill us. "So far, the only good things I have seen come out of this recent technological renaissance are video-chatting with your grandparents, online dating, and being able to attend traffic school on your computer." 

I really think I'm in love with her, for reals y'all. You can get Yes Please here on Amazon. READ IT!

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  1. Of course I wanted to read her book before because it Amy Poehler! But now I really need to get my own copy! Thanks for sharing.
    - Courtney