A (failed) attempt at a recipe book...

17 June 2014

So I decided I wanted to start using Photoshop again, but I had no idea what I wanted to use it for. I looked around Pinterest some (obviously) and decided to make some recipe cards (pinsperation). So, Sunday night I naturally stayed up until two in the morning trying to design these cards... They turned out a little suspicious in the morning, to say the least. Perhaps I was half asleep... I then dedicated all Monday to perfecting these cards. Did they end up perfect? No, but I still like them. I think I ended up making about 8 different categories (bake me, cook me, drink me, etc...), but here's a photo of how one of them turned out.

If anybody (if anybody even is reading this...) wants the print outs of the recipe cards, you can just e-mail me and I can e-mail you the files. They're 5x7, which is actually super big (it looked tiny on my computer, I swear!), and I printed them on cardstock. I individually hole-punched each card and stuck them in the binder. I would have rather ordered 5x7 protective covers, which they have on Amazon, but I was just too excited to finish and couldn't wait. The card's actually front and back, but I printed it super old school. I printed first the front and then stuck the paper back in the printer the opposite way, and printed the back on the back of the paper. If you're gonna do this, do a test run first on just regular paper. It'll pay off, trust me!

So as I finished doing my recipe cards, I figured I would probably need something to put the cards in. I searched around Pinterest some more, and found this tutorial from Flamingo Toes (whose blog is super amazing and inspirational!) and made my own knock-off of her knock-off from Anthropologie (shocking). Here is my finished product and the materials I used (plus a pen, needle, and glue gun). 
Some things that I did differently than Beverly - I had to (well, my dad had to) use a sledgehammer to flatten out my spoon. I glue gunned my spoon to my binder, rather than threaded it. I couldn't get it to work, I would have rather had it embroidered in. I obviously tried to make my font more like the original instead of making my own. I used a basic font on word. Once I printed, cut, and hole punched all my cards, I stuck the dividers in and voilĂ ! I had a recipe book filled with cards. The inside of my binder looks a little weird (you can kind of see it in the first pictures), so I may just use it as a decoration on a kitchen shelf. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me!

Happy crafting!

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