DIY Prayer Box

25 June 2014

I pray every night before I go to bed. I sit in my bed, I close my eyes, and I pray for whatever and whoever is on my mind. Some people believe that after you pray your problems are supposed to be fixed, gone, vanished, evaporated, POOF... But the fact of the matter is, that's just not how it works. However, how it does work, is that once you pray about it, you should do your best to believe that your problems, although they still exist, are now in God's hands. You have to trust and believe that your God (whoever it is for you) will help you in some way, perhaps unknown to you at that moment.

I figured, instead of just praying in my head, where my thoughts swirl and jumble and get mixed up, I thought I could write them all down, where I am forced to actually say what I am ultimately thinking. This is what led me to making my Prayer Box. I saw a super cute one at Francesca's (here), but didn't want to pay $12, so I decided to make one for myself. Here's the final product:

The materials you need are pretty basic:
- Altoids Box
- Scrapbook Paper
- Ribbon
- Letter Stickers
- Glue gun (or glue stick)
- Little sticky notes
 * and whatever else you want for some decoration

 Here's how I did it:
1. To start, I traced my Altoids onto my scrapbook paper, not worrying about the sides, I just did enough to cover the top. I used the ribbon to cover the sides of it. After cutting out the scrapbook paper, I glued it on to the cover.

2. Then, I glued the ribbon onto the sides of the top and bottom. Once you do this, it may get a little hard to open and close your Altoids box. Just make sure you are conscious of the hinges while gluing. 

3. After doing this, I glued some bedazzlement (is that a word?) on to my top, along with the word "Prayer Box." These are stickers, but I glued them anyways, just to be safe!

4. Last, I printed off my little quote using a textbox the size of an Altoids box (they're 3 cm long and 2 cm high, for approximation), glued it on, glued some ribbon around, and put some mini post-its in there. You should also stick a pen in there, I just have yet to find one small enough...

There you have it, a little prayer box, for when you just need to get some thoughts out. They're also perfect for those days when you just can't remember all that you want tot pray for. Stick a note in the box, and at the end of the night read them to remind yourself! Let me know if y'all try it!


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