DIY Sea Glass Vases

22 June 2014

So instead of doing a boring post with me just talking about things most of you probably don't care about, I'll show you a small and very, very easy DIY. After looking around on Pinterest for some pinsperation of sea glass vases, I came across these and wanted something similar to them for my room (read about the beginning of re-doing my room here). I didn't want to pay up to fourty bucks for mine, so I decided to attempt some of my own. Here's how mine turned out...

And here's how...
- A sponge brush
- Martha Stewart's Glass Paint in Frost (I found this in the glass paint section, not with all the other Martha Stewart craft stuff)
- Vases of whatever kind (I bought the tall one from the Dollar Tree and got the small one at a garage sale for fifty cents!)
- Twine (optional, just for show...not even sure if I will keep mine on there)
This DIY literally takes 20 minutes, including drying and everything... So easy!

To start, squirt some paint onto your brush, hold the vase with your fingers on the inside, and paint from the bottom up. Repeat this process until the vase is covered with paint. Try to cover the whole thing evenly, but ignore the streaks. After the vase is covered, let it dry for about 5-10 minutes. It should be dry by then, and then paint horizontally all around the vase, and this should get rid of most of the streaks. Mine weren't completely gone, but I liked the way the ended up looking. Let it dry again for about 5 minutes, and then wrap your twine around! Voila...

Show me yours!

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  1. wow i love your blogs... they inspire me to go above and beyond! plss