DIY Embroidered Canvas

15 July 2014

Awhile ago George and I went to an art festival in Virginia Highlands, and a photographer had taken a photo of graffiti on the wall that said "Be the person your dog thinks you are," and I instantly fell in love with that quote. Since then I wanted something that said that, so I looked all around for a canvas idea (pinsperation), and came up with this!

I think it came out pretty adorable! Here's how I did it - 

- Needle
- Canvas
- Sharpie/Pencil
- Embroidery Floss
- I used twine for the border, but you can use anything!

1. I traced my stencil onto my canvas. I did this using a pencil and an old slide projector thing that I have laying around my house - the light bulb helped my stencil shine onto the canvas - but you can do the same thing by holding it up to a light/window. Or just free hand it! Whatever works for you. Mine came out like this:

2. I used my needle and poked holes about 1/4 inch apart (or something......? LOL) from each other on each of the letters. When you're doing this make sure you send your needle all the way through your canvas. Some people may not even need to do this step and just skip onto actually embroidering, but I like guidelines and it makes it easier (for me) later, but does take a little time. Here's me actually working on mine while being lazy on the couch...

3. After punching all my holes, I started embroidering. Use the back stitch and just work through your pre-made holes. This should take a little while, use your floss wisely (depending on how much you have), and make sure your stitches look good. Don't spend your time doing something halfway...

4. The last thing I did was add a little bit of twine around the edges and tightened it in the back so that it would look more like a border. This is just optional and you can really do anything cute around the border, like ribbon or something.

I hope these steps were easy enough to follow and I hope some of y'all try it out!

Happy Tuesday!

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