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02 July 2014

Looks like the boys too shy, he ain't gonna kiss the girl... If none of you have watched The Little Mermaid recently, you need to, if not just for the soundtrack because it is amazing. Anyways, here's one of my Disney movie posts in preparation for my trip in just 20 short days (read about it here). Y'all should definitely join me in re-watching some of these classic, amazing and heartwarming movies!

First off, let me just tell y'all my favorite part about The Little Mermaid. How cute is it that Ariel goes to Scuttle to tell her about these human objects that he really has no idea what they are. She uses a fork to fix her hair at dinner...enough said.

Here's some things I learned from watching The Little Mermaid as an adult, rather than seeing just the glitz of her clothes, the cuteness of the fishies, and the love story (although, I did see all that too...)

Do mermaids expect to be hidden with a huge kingdom under water?
How do these mermaids expect to be hidden while they basically have a gigantic castle and kingdom under water? Basically the worst hide and seekers ever...

For somebody who hates human things, King Triton sure does use them a lot. 
Mirrors, clothes, paper........................................................

Beds are the best thing ever. Period. 

but on a serious note:

Don't let anybody tell you who to love.
King Triton thinks he knows ultimately what is best for Ariel, and he shows this by forcing her to stay underwater and go nowhere near the humans, even though she has fallen in love with one (she does it anyways). Right on sista! Do what you want if it's what you want.  

Surround yourself with people who support you and will help you.
Ariel has Flounder, Scuttle, and Sebastian (who doesn't want to all of the time but still does). These three are the reason she finds and keeps her true love, and they would do anything to help her.

Your voice is the most important thing in the world.
Never let anybody take that from you. Always cherish the fact that you are able and have the freedom to voice your opinion and say what you want. This is the most sacred thing you can have, and we take it for granted too often. 

If you can't appreciate Ariel for the life lessons and the comedy all tied into one heartwarming and incredibly cute movie, at least appreciate it for the music! It's too amazing.

Next up: Mulan, so stay tuned!

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